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  1. Abilio Pereira says:

    Hi Yash
    I am trying to upgrade my Aoson M11 to Android 4,1 using your Fluid, All files are there except RK30xxLoader(L)_V1.14.bin.
    Can you help me?

    • yash3339 says:

      Hi Abilio.
      I can’t understand, are you trying to install the official 4.1 update or the Fluid ROM? The official update doesn’t require the RK LOADER file.

  2. Abilio Pereira says:

    I Yash
    I am a green Android user that’s why I must be missing something.
    My Aoson M!1 has Android 4.0 installed and I would like to upgrade it do 4.1
    What do I need to do? Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance

  3. yash3339 says:

    Okay. Yes I can help you. You have two ways to upgrade:
    1. Upgrade to the ROM I made (Fluid ROM) here – http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/38946-rom-fluid-rom-android-411/page__view__findpost__p__428804
    You will find all the instructions there.

    2. Official 4.1 update. Read through this thread for the official firmware – http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/35377-firmware-official-and-alternatives/

    The official update is a little sluggish in my opinion. You can try whichever you like. Let me know if you need help.

    • Abilio Pereira says:

      Hi Yashi

      Thanks four your pacience:)

      As I mentiond you on my first post yesterday I did downloaded your ROM from
      Slatedroid and try to follow the instructions.
      PC connected by USB (Aoson storage identified by Windows).
      I opened ROMFLASHTOOL and redirect the files to the download directory.
      The only one I wasn’t able to find was “RK30xxLoader(L)_V1.14.bin”
      When clicking “Reboot to Flash Mode” I got the following message
      “Device can not do Flash Mode, because of no drive”
      It seems to me that the message has to do with the fact that the file was missing!

      I that so?

      • yash3339 says:

        The tablet needs to be in firmware upgrade mode for “Reboot to Flash Mode” to work, which is where you are missing out I think.
        Have you installed the tablet’s drivers for firmware upgrade? If not, you need to do that first. Instructions here – http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/39401-how-to-install-drivers-for-firmware-upgrade/page__pid__435259#entry435259

        And, all the required files are present in the package, maybe you can try downloading it again?

        Also, there is no need for you to direct the ROM FLASH TOOL to the files, everything is pre-configured. Let me know if this works for you.

        To put the tablet in firmware upgrade mode, you need to turn it off and then connect it to the PC whilst holding the HOME button. Hold the HOME button till your computer recognizes a new device. After that you can proceed with driver installation.

        • Abilio Pereira says:

          Hi again,

          I think I am really a dummy
          When I have connected Aoson M11 to my PC the device was discovered and the drivers installed (that’s why Aoson storge is detected bythe PC).
          I fact I don’t know if those USB drivers automatically downladed by windows are the same than the ones required for firmware upgrade.

          Now don’t know if Aoson M11 is on firmware upgrade mode. Is there any check I can make in order to verify?

          After checking it and making sure that the device is i firmware upgrade mode how do I send the 4.1 OS to Aoson without using the ROM Flah Tool?

          Sorry again but there is also a first time for everything :)



  4. Abilio Pereira says:

    Hi Yash
    Tkanks you a lot for your pacience.
    I am almost there. The tablet now is powered on upgrade mode.
    Windows discover it and detects a MID device but is not able to find any driver.
    I have download the usb divers from the link you mentioned and from aoson site as well, but windows continues not accepting any device driver.
    The device apperas as Other and labled as MID.
    I have an HP running Windows 7 – 32 bits. I will try tonight an XP to check if it works,

  5. Abilio Pereira says:

    Hi Yash.
    It happens the same with XP.
    No driver recognized for MID devcie

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